Home Warranties for all Homes!

That’s right, you heard it here first! GPG is SOOOO excited to announce that all homes sold by GPG Associates will come with a home warranty!

How to Explain:

Included in the selling costs of your property, all sellers are now able to offer their home’s with a home warranty plan! This plan is a fantastic way to give potential buyers confidence in their purchase, and the piece of mind that their appliances, roof or electrical system (as an example) are covered!


$350 / year for houses, $250 / year for condos, paid by the seller and included within Section 15 of the Exclusive Purchase and Sale Agreement as a “brokerage service fee”.

Important Materials:

You will find all the necessary information available on the Resources pages including the application and marketing materials. In addition you can find an updated Exclusive Selling Agreement with the costs already included.